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Nio calls Huawei and Chinese automakers to discuss EV’s battery issues



Huawei Nio EV's battery issues

Nio – the Chinese multinational automobile firm has been calling Huawei and other car makers to join the battery swap alliance and discuss new strategies to resolve EV’s battery life issues. The company shared its point at a recently-held forum.

The President and Co-founder of Nio Qin Lihong attended China Auto BlueBook Forum 2024 and mentioned that solving battery issues of smart cars is important in the wave of electrification. It’s something that car makers should prepare for in advance.

Qin states that solving EV battery issues needs teamwork and cooperation of the entire automobile industry. Together it would be simpler and more effective.

Hence Nio has been calling out tech vendors like Huawei HIMA (Harmony Intelligent Mobility Alliance), BAIC, Dongfeng, and others who should join the EV’s battery issues campaign to dig into the problem, or else, things could get worse in the coming years.

“We can research and develop together, operate together, and invest together to solve the problems common to all users. Because by 2032, the number (of batteries with expired warranties) will be around 20 million.” – said Qin Lihong.

Huawei Nio EV's battery issues

Nio calls Huawei and Chinese automakers to discuss EV’s battery issues (Image Credits: Nio Power)

If the companies opt to replace their batteries, the average cost could exceed 1.6 trillion yuan. Thus it is important to start building safer, better, and long-life batteries. Battery rental service is another option that will transfer EV’s problem to the main companies.

Nio believes that automobile manufacturers are examinees who are taking exams and doing experiments. Although one should not forget to take reviews of their work.

The President further mentions that via battery rental services, users don’t have to worry about anything as don’t own the battery. As the battery life cycle reaches the end, Nio will replace it with a new one. The firm hopes the new alliance to be a good initiative at the moment.

You can check Qin Lihong’s statement HERE

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