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New trademark patent suggest the launch of new Huawei Video application



On June 29, 2021, Huawei filed a trademark registration for Huawei Forum Video (Pollen Video – Chinese), which international classification lies under education and entertainment categories. According to the information, the current status of a trademark is an application for registration.

With this trademark, it is expected that Huawei is planning to launch one more video application after the Huawei Video app with new user convenient features.

Huawei Video app:

Huawei video app was specially designed for smartphones and tablets, which helps the user to find all kinds of content such as films, documentaries, and series. In addition, it also brings innovative offers of videos about hot topics, shocking stories, lifestyle, fun, and videos about sports.

According to Huawei’s official website, Huawei Video has been synchronized with the Huawei P40 series since March 2020 in 26 countries and regions around the world. As of June this year, Huawei Video has expanded in more than 60 countries and regions.


On June 3, Huawei Consumer Cloud Service President, Zhang Pingan announced that Huawei Video provides over 50,000 hours of Chinese film and television content, more than 100,000 Chinese films and drama series, as well as contains 10 million short videos.

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Huawei Video app is under testing with new features, brings latest content for Chinese consumers


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Download Huawei Assistant app []



download Huawei Assistant

Huawei Assistant is your phone’s personal assistant that provides you insights, a news feed, and more in one place. Huawei and Honor smartphone users can install the Assistant to get its benefit. Below you can download Huawei Assistant APK.

Huawei Assistant APK:

EMUI 10.0 or above can download it directly from AppGallery

download Huawei Assistant


What’s New?


  1. You can press and hold the card and drag the card to adjust the position freely.
  2. Touch and hold a card to add more services, manage the card size.
  3. The “Discover” module is added to provide service discovery and service management functions.


  1. “My services” is added to the avatar portal to quickly view added services.
  2. “Personal information” is added to manage mobile number information.
  3. Greetings are displayed from the drop-down list on the home page.

Huawei Assistant Description:

Huawei Assistant is a personal assistant at your side. It provides you with considerate, accurate, and easy-to-access everyday services on demand.

  1. Global Search allows you to search for content locally or online.
  2. Instant access Provides customizable shortcuts so you can access your favorite content in a single touch.
  3. AI Tips Displays notifications and reminders via smart cards, such as Stocks, Sports, and Traffic, based on your needs and specific usage scenarios.
  4. Newsfeed Provides you with personalized news based on the region settings of your device.

How to use Huawei Assistant:

Swipe right on the home screen to access Huawei Assistant TODAY (or left if you are using a bi-directional language). Huawei Assistant∙TODAY can’t be accessed directly from AppGallery.

If you disable this feature and wish to re-enable it, either touch and hold a blank area on the home screen or pinch your fingers together (depending on your device model) to open the screen management view, then touch the Home screen settings, and enable Huawei Assistant∙TODAY.


Huawei Assistant

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Huawei Apps

Huawei Petal Search 11.0.9 update bringing new extracting feature



Huawei Petal Search

Huawei Petal Search has completed the 11.0.9 update public test and now offers to access information from a variety of local services across different categories. It aims to deliver a comprehensive and unique search experience for the user.

According to the information, Huawei Petal Search 11.0.9 update mainly focuses on giving new extracting methods for multiple newsfeeds. To be more precise, the new update includes enhancements in sports and business, nearby search, the home page, and more.

Below you can check new improvements one by one:

Sports and Business:

The Petal Search becomes more fortified with added match results and newsfeeds of your tastes. Now users will be able to find news about the latest sports tournaments and events in the sports section directly on the screen.


Furthermore, the Petal Go will let a user follow his favorite sports team to show them supports the leagues. In addition, the lottery results alongside the exchange rates will appear in the business section. Moreover, it’s a solution for easing the troubles going through multiple sections to find news.

Huawei Petal Search 11.0.9 update

Nearby Search:

After the 11.0.9 update, the Nearby Search option of Huawei Petal Search will also offer minute-by-minute updates about the local events. The developer is determined on providing every minute info about what is happening around you, so you won’t lack any important news or event.

Alternatively, the users can have a visit to great places including the utilities that suit their tastes. Try out new restaurants, theaters, clubs, and cafes on your weekends. Besides, no need in troubling about daily services such as fuel stations, ATMs, malls, or servicing centers, get to know about all with just one tap.

Home Page Customization:

Decorate your home page as you like with your frequent feeds. Although it’s already available in the search engine, the new update has some more. Now, the home page is receiving the ability to remove the screen icons by long-pressing them.


In addition, you can also further customize them by rearranging news categories in a manner you feel is more convenient. Just forget about switching between channels in the news feeds.

New Sharing Options:

At last, a new sharing option has been given to exchange files with the other devices around you. However, it’s only limited to Huawei smartphones/devices that support the Huawei Share function. Alongside, all these changes, there are many other surprises waiting for the users. About exchanging the files, head to the download action to transfer the files between other devices.

Huawei Petal Search 11.0.9 update

(via: Huaweiailesi)

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Huawei Apps

Huawei Celia keyboard received new update, slide to open numeric interface



Celia Keyboard

Not long ago, Huawei Celia Keyboard enters public beta testing to bring more improvements in the application. Now, Huawei has kicked off a new update that brought new features and support for the Celia keyboard app.

As per the information, the update with an update package size of 43.1 MB added two new supports and further enhanced existing supports. From now on, writing with this app will be more fun and convenient.

After the installation of this update, users can access the numerical keyboard with swiping gestures. In addition, they can also customize individual words and lines using different fonts, making the message look cooler.

Below you can check the update changelog-


Update Changelog:

  1. Add the function of swiping up the keyboard to input number symbols
  2. Support adjusting the font size of candidate words
  3. Optimized floating keyboard
  4. Optimize application stability and improve user experience

Huawei Celia keyboard update

To be mentioned, Huawei Celia Keyboard is still in the beta phase so only the registered users are able to download this new update by Member Center. Furthermore, registration for this beta activity has been closed in the last week, so if you want to experience it you might wait for the next announcement from the company.

More About Huawei Celia Keyboard:

The Huawei Celia Keyboard is a new voice-focused mobile keyboard that is developed by Huawei. It’s able to recognize about 170 languages and accents including UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and more. Furthermore, there are many setting options allowing a user to customizes its layout as they feel convenient.

This mobile keyboard application offers several new features with improved accuracy and convenient attributes. It has more than 1,000 different emoji expressions and beautiful text fonts alongside four simple keyboard themes. In addition, users are able to insert the text using key input, glide input, voice input, with input prediction and auto-correction support.

(Source- Ithome)

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