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New OTA update technology of Huawei aims to prevent vehicle software dangers



Huawei Smart Car Technology

On the 10th of August 2021, the new OTA update for the vehicles software patent of Huawei has passed the approval of the Chinese intellectual property office. The idea behind this patent is to prevent smart vehicles from hidden dangers during the update installation.

As per the information, the patent has been published with the publication number CN113243002A under the title “over-the-air upgrade method, device, system, storage medium, and program”. It was filled on the 17th March this year.

The Chinese Intellectual Property Database relates this document with the software updates field for IoT devices. This patent describes a method that will determine the safe areas to install the update and lessen the possibility of misfortune.

New OTA update patent

Huawei New OTA update system description:

In this patent, Huawei explains an upgrade approach and defines the most possible safe and vulnerable areas of the software. Once the update is received, it matches the vehicles’ real-time locations with the pre-defined regions.

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If the smart vehicle is found to be in a safe area, the system initiates the upgrade process. On the other hand, if the vehicle is in any dangerous location, the upgrade sustains for the time being, until the vehicle reaches a safe area.

That’s how the method determines whether to install the update or not. Because there is a possibility that the vehicle might show some glitch or inappropriate function during the OTA update.

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