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New Huawei patent for smart car can identify users’ objects of interest



Huawei Smart Car patent

Huawei has recently appealed for a patent regarding smart car technology. Although, the company is busy dealing with the development process of flagship models and the distribution of updates. Yet, in the meantime, the company is also constantly peaking into the latest innovation techniques.

According to the reports, the new Huawei patent for the smart car is formally entitled Identification Methods and Identification Device for Objects Of Interest to Users. Generally, the patent gives information about some new identification methods for intelligent vehicles.

These identification methods comprise the following actions:
  • Tracking information about the gaze area of the user’s line of sight
  • Actively responding to the respective surrounding image
  • Obtaining the user’s first gaze area data according to the surrounding image

Some users might be thinking of what a gaze area is. Well, the latest smart vehicles consist of a gaze section. This system helps in tracking what you’re looking at, outside of the car, and thereafter reflects relevant information on your device of the display technology is your car.

Huawei Smart Car patent

Recognition Methods

Apart from covering these phases, the patent also acknowledges the Recognition method for smart vehicles. These methods aim mainly at the gaze area of the user and make it more accurate and effective for the user.

So far, the traditional gaze systems used to present only a few identical physical parts of the human body after tracing the details. On the other hand, it only reflects the information when the target used to appear in the main section of the gaze system.

But, the new identification methods, will define the image as well as the surrounding with more accuracy. Further, it will improve the object recognition of interest to the user to more extent. As a result, users would be able to catch a clear and more detailed view of the surrounding image.

Huawei Smart Car patent


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