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New Huawei lightweight tablet series is coming



Huawei lightweight tablet series Huawei MatePad Air

Today, Huawei announced the Summer 2023 launch event and the tech maker also revealed that a new MatePad tablet series with a lightweight design on May 18th. This is quite a surprising element for all tablet enthusiasts as they will soon get an option to buy themselves a brand-new device.

The teaser image shared by Huawei reveals the word “Air” which confirms the new name “Huawei MatePad Air“. Also, the image contains the side frame of the device, which is very sleek and slim.

“Huawei MatePad Air is light, new, and more lovable. At 19:30 on May 18th, Huawei’s summer full-scene new product launch conference, HUAWEI MatePad new series, so stay tuned!” wrote Huawei.

So, we’ll patiently wait for the brand new lightweight Huawei tablet series.

Huawei lightweight tablet series Huawei MatePad Air

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