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New Huawei blood pressure testing wearable coming soon



Huawei blood pressure wearable

In Dongguan, Huawei briefs about its research of wearable blood pressure measurement technology at the recently opened sports science center. Simultaneously, the company announced three major advantages of hardware detection technology, software algorithm platform, and digital health service.

Furthermore, it plans to continue the corporation between industrial and ecological partners in this field. Moving to the Huawei blood pressure testing wearable, the company ofter talks about bringing this kind of technology that is able to measure accurate or nearly close blood pressure on the wrist.

Let’s explore more about it-

Huawei Blood Pressure Wearable:

During the sports health strategy upgrade conference, the Chinese tech giant shares insight about the blood pressure detecting equipment. It will be a first medical-grade wrist blood pressure testing device which has currently approved by authorized professionals.

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In addition, this latest technology has passed the National Medical Products Administration Class II medical device registration certificate that ensures its capabilities. Adding to this, the company also plans to launch a Huawei innovative research app.

Seems like, this special application will work in synchronization with the new wearable. As per the info, it’ll allow users to check their health status or conduct related activity wherever they want. Additionally, users will be able to join various heath activities after connecting the wearable and the app. It includes

  • Research on heart-related problems health
  • Sleep and breathing health
  • Blood vessel health and status
  • Liver fat and more

There will be many beneficial services such as a new fitness course, professional workout routines, diet plans, smart fat, and weight loss plans, Sleep analysis, and management, and so on. Overall, the blood pressure testing wearable will be a full fitness package with blood pressure measurement as the main focus.

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The company will soon launch this wrist accessory for the users. However, it is also researching various other technologies such as sleep risk prediction. Related to this, a new patent has been spotted on 22nd October at the Chinese Intellectual Property database.

In this line, a posture error correction feature is also being developed for an upcoming wearable. If everything will be smooth, these advanced technologies will soon be install in the company’s wrist accories. However, the tech giant hasn’t provided any official words about the exact launch of the new werable.

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