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New Huawei AITO M7 Max Refreshed Edition SUV to use 192-line LiDAR



Huawei AITO M7 Max Refreshed 192-line LiDAR

Huawei has started hyping the all-new AITO M7 MAX Refreshed Edition and said that the SUV will use the 192-line LiDAR. Note that this component has already shown up with the luxurious Wenjie M9 smart car at the Winter launch event (December 2023).

The Chairman of Huawei Smart Car Solutions Business – Yu Chengdong has shared another teaser of the AITO M7 MAX Refreshed Edition, saying that the product will equip the same 192-line LiDAR as the M9 SUV, but with upgraded capabilities.

What is 192-line LiDAR?

192-line LiDAR is an effective solution that can do the real-time scanning of objects. It remains at the top of the car’s roof and ensures the safety of the driver and vehicle.

The new LiDAR is Huawei’s one of the useful smart car solutions in a hybrid solid state. It has a four-sided rotating prism form and offers a 120-degree horizontal by 20-degree vertical field of view with a quick scan rate of up to 20Hz.

List of benefits also includes the detection range that can go a maximum of up to 250m or 180m, depending on the reflectivity rate. The company has used high-end components like optical parts, internal design, and other related elements.

Huawei AITO M7 Max Refreshed 192-line LiDAR

AITO M7 Max Refreshed Edition LiDAR teaser (Image Credits: Weibo)

Although it seems that the company will polish some of the parts of the 192-line LiDAR system before implementing it in the M7 Max Refreshed Edition model.


Yu Chengdong says that the OEM will opt for the same radar system with more powerful perception capabilities and improved safety features for a smart driving experience. But the new upgrades and enhancements are a secret for the moment.

Huawei said to launch the AITO new M7 Max Refreshed Edition on May 31 with some eye-catching facilities. While there is still some time for the official release, you can check the live images of the SUV HERE.

Huawei AITO M7 Max Refreshed 192-line LiDAR

AITO M7 Max Refreshed Edition LiDAR details (Image Credits: Weibo)

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