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New Flash Call to verify account feature is under testing for WhatsApp Android



May 15, 2021, WhatsApp’s controversial new terms of Services officially came into effect. However, this instant messaging app owned by Facebook has extended the time for users to accepts the new policies.

As per the previous reports, WhatsApp is still a popular messaging application and reached 172 million downloads. But new terms give the opportunity for other messaging apps like Telegram and Signal to grown-up faster.

To maintain its popularity among the users, WhatsApp developers are continuously working to add new features to this app. According to the WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has recently released a new beta version for Android, which introduced a new Flash Call, a method of verifying personal accounts by phone number.

Flash Call:

Flash call is a very short or single ring automatic call from the WhatsApp team to verify the account linked with the number. In other words, it allows the user to automatically confirm an account through a phone number and log into WhatsApp.


To activate this feature, users have to permit WhatsApp to access their phone’s call log to verify if it’s present in the call log. However, it would access your call logs only occasionally, when verification is required, and usually when the user log into the device for the first time.

Moreover, it would be optional for users to activate it, and it’s up to users what kind of verification method they want to apply.

At the moment, this feature is under development, and there’s no confirmation on its availability among general users. So, Stay tuned!

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WhatsApp will bring encrypted local storage backup for Android



WhatsApp Beta

WhatsApp rolled out the end-to-end encrypted backup feature for Google Drive to protect the privacy of a user from unauthorized access. Now, the latest information revealed that the WhatsApp team is developing the same feature for the local storage backups on Android as well.

To be mentioned this feature is currently under beta testing and may arrive as a stable update with future versions of WhatsApp.

As per the information, this feature backs up the WhatsApp history on your Google drive that can be restored in the internal storage of smartphones when a user reinstalls the app.

However, there are many things that are still unclear such as, do the local backup runs in regular intervals, when will it come, will it release for iOS too, etc. For now, let’s see what is the end-to-end encryption backups.


WhatsApp encrypted local backup

(image source – WABetaInfo)

WhatsApp End-to-End Encrypted Backups:

The end-to-end encryption allows the users to set a security key consisting of numbers and lowercase from “a” to “f”. Only after entering this key, a user is able to access their backups from Google Drive. The only thing to remember is that, if a user forgot the security, WhatsApp won’t be able to help them to reset it, which is necessary to restore chat history.

Previous News:

Not a long ago, WhatsApp send the WhatsApp HD Photos options on iOS and Android devices. This feature offers three options- Auto, Best Quality, and Data Saver to decide the quality of an image that is being sent by the user.

These options can be found in WhatsApp Setting > Storage and Data > Media Upload Quality. However, as this is a beta rollout, so there is room for further changes, stay connected to get more news.

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WhatsApp started to send HD Photos option beta for iOS users



The iOS users, who registered themselves for the beta TestFlight can enjoy the HD Photos option on their devices on WhatsApp. It offers three options for the users to select for the image quality they want to send.

It’s notable that, last week WhatsApp release the same feature for Android users also. However, keep in mind that this is the beta rollout and WhatsApp can make further changes to bring more convenience.

WhatsApp HD Photos Option:

This new option will allow the users to select the quality of their images considering their data plan, it offers three options- Auto (recommended), Best Quality, and Data Saver. Talking about all these options the following things are considerable-

  1. The default feature is Auto, which doesn’t show any remarkable changes.
  2. The Best Quality doesn’t offer to send the images in their original quality
  3. WhatsApp will still use the compressing algorithms on the images
  4. The original image’s quality can be retained about 80%
  5. Images larger than 2048 x 2048 might be resized
  6. The image sizes will be more reduced in the Data Sever option
  7. You can use the data saver option if you don’t have much internet plan. However, it’s not recommended if you want to share good quality images

WhatsApp HD Photos iOS

Where to Check?

The users can find this feature in the function called Media Upload Quality, which can be found by following the below-mentioned steps-

  1. Open WhatsApp account
  2. Go to the WhatsApp Settings
  3. Select Storage and Data
  4. Here you can find Media Upload Quality

If you didn’t find the Media Upload Quality feature, it means that this feature is yet to be sent on your device. At present, WhatsApp is rolling out the Media Upload Quality feature for some selected users.

The remaining devices will also begin to receive this function by the next week, so no need to worry if this feature is not enabled for your WhatsApp account yet.

(Source- WABetaInfo)

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WhatsApp Multi device beta feature is available for iOS users




The WhatsApp Multi-device feature has been released for iOS users through the TestFlight beta program. Now, the Whatsapp iOS registered beta tester can upgrade to via downloading it from the App Store.

The new Multi-device beta features allow the users to use the WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop without using the internet connection on the iPhone. Furthermore, the users can connect up to four devices simultaneously.

Additionally, the users can have the end to end conversations in their contacts that won’t be stored on the WhatsApp servers instead it will be sent to all devices or to be precise laptops, PC and tablets connected with the smartphone.

As this is the initial beta push, the users can connect to one smartphone only. Besides, you have to check if this feature is enabled on your device or not in order to activate it.


WhatsApp Multi-device beta feature for iOS Verification:

  1. Open WhatsApp account
  2. Go to the Setting option
  3. Tap on the Linked Devices (Whatsapp Web/Desktop)
  4. Here you can see the new row- Multi-device
  5. Now you can enjoy the parallel connection without using the internet

WhatsApp Multi-device feature iOS

(image source – wabetainfo)

Notable Words:

  1. This is the beta activity so there is the possibility of occurring glitches including pinned chats, live locations, version compatibility.
  2. The pinned chats may not be synced instantly
  3. The users have to search for pinned chat manually at first
  4. Users may not able to see the live locations on the associated device
  5. The users can’t modify the WhatsApp business profile using the WhatsApp Web/Desktop
  6. The user with an older version can’t communicate with the people having this feature


This new feature is still rolling out for iOS users in the stage manner. Besides, the selected users will get the features first, so it can take some days even weeks to reach your devices, until then wait patiently.

(Source- WABetaInfo)

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