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New Copy Sticker Image feature is coming for WhatsApp Web users




Recently, WhatsApp sent a new 2.2142.0 version update for the WhatsApp Web and Desktop users. After inspecting it, the experts of WABetaInfo have found a new option called- Copy Sticker Image added on the WhatsApp Web.

This has replaced the previous one called Copy Image that only allows users to replicate the received images. Now, the stickers can be portrayal in other chats with more ease and convenience. But, let’s look at the preview first-

WhatsApp Web Copy Sticker Image

(Image Credit: WABetaInfo)

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WhatsApp Web Copy Sticker Image feature:

As this feature is still in the development phase, it only offered some limited attributes that are mentioned below. However, it’s not the final list, WhatsApp can add more options in the future.

  • This Copy Sticker Image menu option will be pop-up when a user mouse over the sticker in WhatsApp Web.
  • It’ll allow a user to convert the sticker to an image.
  • The converted media can be shared in the chats inside the application.
  • Users won’t be able to save the stickers on their desktops and systems.
  • Still, the stickers can be copied into other applications such as Discord.

When Coming for the Users:

There is no clear information about the release of this feature for everyone. Many modifications are half-done to let this feature adapt to every platform. However, the above-attached screenshot is for the macOS. It means, the Apple device holder will get to taste this feature first, then it’ll rollout for the other platforms.

More About WhatsApp Web:

In August, WhatsApp assigned new drawing tools for the Web/Desktop users letting them perform basic editing with the application. In addition, the new layout provides separate buttons for emojis, stickers, text, sketches, crop, undo and redo. Overall, the editing section in Web or Desktop has become more convenient.

(Source: WABetaInfo)

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