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NetEase game ‘Naraka: Bladepoint’ begins HarmonyOS NEXT adaptation



NetEase Bladepoint HarmonyOS NEXT adaptation

Huawei has shared the progress of gaming apps in the HarmonyOS NEXT ecosystem through a video. Out of several applications NetEase Games’ “Naraka: Bladepoint” begins the HarmonyOS NEXT adaptation and may complete it in the coming months.

The Chinese tech giant shared a clip themed ‘HarmonyOS NEXT Game Adaptation in full swing”. The video highlighted the current status as well as the progress of gaming apps towards the adaptation of an entirely new software system.

It also showcased some famous games including NetEase Games’ Naraka: Bladepoint that have entered the HarmonyOS NEXT adaptation phase. Naraka has been connected to the NetEase SDK and may release the official HarmonyOS-based version by September.

Other apps include Three Kingdom Killing, Three Kingdom Heroes, and Free Journey to the West. These games have developed the core version and seem to be at the final stage. Wanlong Awakening and Primal Journey are also in the same development frame.

NetEase Bladepoint HarmonyOS NEXT adaptation

NetEase Naraka Bladepoint game begin HarmonyOS NEXT adaptation (Image Credits: Bilibili)

One of the team heads at the HarmonyOS gaming technology said that most of the popular engines now effectively support HarmonyOS NEXT games and can produce respective projects. Some of the engines are Cocos, Unity Engine, and LAYA.

He further adds that game developers can opt for DevEco studio to make the HarmonyOS NEXT game package. This will help in completing the game adaptation within 3 weeks. Compared to last year, the adaptation has also become three times more efficient.

During the HDC 2024 event, Huawei announced that over 5000 TOP apps have started HarmonyOS NEXT adaptation and 1500 of these are already available in the AppGallery. More applications will likely join themselves by the end of this year.

You can check the complete video HERE.

NetEase Bladepoint HarmonyOS NEXT adaptation

James – In charge of HarmonyOS gaming technology (Image Credits: Bilibili)

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