Monaco is the first European country fully covered in 5G using Huawei equipment

On July 9, Monaco became the first country in Europe to rollout 5G mobile network in the entire nation using Huawei network equipment.

Huawei is working with four major telecom operators to rollout 5G in the UK

According to CNA, Monaco Telecom signed an agreement with Huawei in last Septemeber to make it the first country in Europe fully covered with 5G network access.

“We are the first state to be entirely covered by a 5G network,” said Monaco Telecom president Etienne Franzi at the inauguration ceremony.

Huawei vice president Guo Ping said the 5G launch in Monaco is a major opportunity despite the small size of the territory.

“It allows us to make a shop window in a number of areas, notably linking 5G development to this intelligent state.

“It can serve as a model for other operators and states,” he added.







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