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Mobile network traffic to increase 100 times by 2030: Huawei MD



Huawei 100G

Global Mobile Broadband Forum (MBBF2021), Huawei‘s managing director, Wang Tao delivered a keynote speech saying that the next ten years will be the ten years leading to the smart world 2030, and wireless networks are its important pillars.

In 2030, cellular networks will support hundreds of billions of IoT connections. In 2030, the wireless network and AI technology will be deeply integrated, which will make the wireless network move towards an L5 fully autonomous driving network, achieving automatic operation and maintenance, extreme performance, and green and low-carbon.

Huawei Sub 100

In addition, by 2030, mobile network traffic will increase by a hundredfold, and the bit energy efficiency of mobile networks will also need to be improved by a hundredfold.

Wang Tao said that by 2030, with the national average IF bandwidth of 2GHz and greater than 20GHz millimeter-wave to support traffic growth, the industry needs to work together to promote the full spectrum Sub100G NR.

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