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Huawei LYSA: Meet Huawei’s first virtual person, she is realistic and beautiful [Video Demo]



Huawei Lysa

Technology is getting advance, so do its adaptation. Some of the famous instances of technology are rendering and 3D CAD. These two, along with the power of future-driven 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR) can ease many aspects of our daily tasks.

Talking of 3D models and rendering, Huawei has recently brought an exciting new product, which is not a smartphone, tablet, operating system, or a new carrier network machine.

Meet “LYSA” and according to Huawei, it’s the company’s first digital art persona. The company also shared the first look at this virtual person, which includes video demonstrations.

You can check more information about Lysa linked below this video.

LYSA’s introduction:

“Hi everyone. I’m LYSA — it’s so nice to finally meet everyone. I’m Huawei’s first digital art persona, and I’ll make a great TV host!”

According to the video, LYSA is a female character that is designed with digital art consisting of illustration, modeling, digital rendering & high-precision automated generation, and more.

“LYSA is created using the latest tech & with a lot of heart. Kudos to the Huawei team.”

Talking about the characteristic of the model, it looks very lively and the skin texture, expression, eye materials as well as animations feel very real.

How about if Huawei really makes it a TV host…?

Currently, Huawei’s labeled LYSA with a coming soon tag but we’ll have to wait for more information on what Huawei actually planning to do with this virtual persona or is it only for the showcase.

Thanks for the tipSina Ataei from Toranji

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