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KuGou will launch pure HarmonyOS app with new features



kugou harmonyos app

Chinese music streaming app, KuGou announced that it will launch a native HarmonyOS mobile app with Huawei HarmonyOS at its core. The announcement came during HDC 2022 event, as both KuGou music and Huawei announced building an app on HarmonyOS.

OpenHarmony is the open source operating system version of HarmonyOS managed by OpenAtom Foundation. The foundation of this OS is derived from multi-kernel technologies.

Most interestingly, KuGou Music will launch a Pure HarmonyOS music app, which will adopt the development of the HarmonyOS framework based on OpenHarmony.

This includes basic features version of a full fledge HarmonyOS app, which could provide tens of millions of music libraries and high-quality music content. There are smart features such as music recommendation, better sound effects, and real-time song recognition.

KuGou Music will also personalized, smartphone and diversified music services for Huawei end users in terms of definition and user experience design.

KuGou is a Chinese music streaming and download service established in 2004 and owned by Tencent Music. It is the largest music streaming service in the world, with more than 450 million monthly active users. KuGou is the largest online music service in China, with a market share of 28 percent. Currently, it’s owned by Tencent Music.

kugou harmonyos app

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