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Kuafu humanoid robot equipped with Pangu model appears at HDC 2024



Kuafu humanoid robot HDC 2024

On June 21, 2024, Huawei hosted the first day of the HDC 2024 where several products showed up on the stage including a humanoid robot called ‘Kuafu’. For the first time, Leju’s human robot made its official appearance among consumers.

Launched by Leju Robot company last year, the Kuafu humanoid robot has interacted well with developers and Huawei executives at the HDC 2024 event stage.

The President of Huawei Cloud – Zhang Pingan talked about the growing AI and robot technologies. He demonstrated the new humanoid robot and clapped his hands with it.

Kuafu will remain in the exhibition area on June 22 and 23 to illustrate cooking and house chores activities. It can perform cooking, sweeping, and a few other relevant activities. It even links with smart home devices to manage related operations.

“As everyone expects, AI robots can help us with laundry, cooking, and sweeping, giving us more time to read, write poetry, and paint.” – Zhang Pingan.

Kuafu humanoid robot HDC 2024

Kuafu humanoid robot appears at HDC 2024 (Image Credits: ITHome)

The ultimate robot is based on OpenHarmony and runs on Huawei Cloud Pangu embodied intelligent large model. Zhang explained that the Pangu model aims to build an open ecosystem platform of ‘Humanoid Robot+’ for a universal embodied solution.

Pangu Model

Pangu embodied intelligent large model makes the humanoid robot and lets them complete the series of tasks using understanding, natural language command recognition, task planning, dual-arm collaboration, autonomous execution, and more.

At the same time, the Pangu embodied intelligent model also generates training videos and operation-based tutorials that are required to teach robots. These videos help them to gain an understanding and learn of tasks even faster.

Leju firm – the developer of Kuafu says that the company is now working with small samples of humanoid robots. The process has covered testing and verification scenarios. Thus more new products in this line could show up in the time ahead.

Kuafu humanoid robot HDC 2024

Kuafu humanoid robot can cook, sweep, and do many house chores (Image Credits : ITHome)

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