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Is the 50X zoom of Huawei P30 Pro poses a threat to your privacy?



Huawei P30 Pro zoom

While some of the people raising questions on Huawei P30 Pro’s zoom powered Moon mode pictures, others are raising concerns over peoples privacy and all of these things are connected to P30 Pro’s 50X digital zooming power.

Huawei P30 Pro’s Moon Pictures: Fake or Real?

Huawei’s new flagship new P30 Pro comes with many new technological achievements, and one of them is its better than ever camera hardware. Which allows users to not only capture high-quality photographs but can also take better and far more zoomed images without sacrificing the image quality.

The power of 50x digital on P30 Pro utilizes 10x hybrid zoom and 5X optical zoom. The result of this combination allows you to zoom in to an object at its maximum with more clear pixels.

Industry experts say that the addition of 50X zoom is a breakthrough technology. Meanwhile, other parts of similar peoples raise concerns and fears that this technology could also encourage peoples to do spy jobs on other peoples, with a device that’s so convenient to fit in their pocket.

“It was a ‘transformative leap’ in terms of making that type of technology ubiquitous,” said Fergus Hanson, head of international cyber policy at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI), in an interview with ABC News Australia.

He said he can also imagine many scenarios where the type of technology may provide enhanced options for undermining security, such as reading a density document from very far away.

“I guess it’s like this sort of creepy guy at the beach with a [telephoto] lens camera, and bringing that to your everyday life, and having that person potentially around everywhere,” he added.

In the end, it cannot be said that the zooming capability of Huawei p30 Pro will impose any kind of threats on everyone’s daily life but your thoughts matter to this subject, so leave them in the comment.

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