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Intel 13th Gen Core Processor Family: Everything you need to know



Intel 13th Gen Core Processor

Wow! here is a new processor stepping its leg into the market. Intel has finally unveiled the 13th Gen Core Processor Family on the consumer stage. The huge cooperation launched its new invention at Intel Innovation on September 27 with record-breaking features and functionalities.

So let’s make a tour of this unique processor family in more detail.

The latest 13th Gen Intel Core Processor Family has six members. In other words, there are six new unlocked desktop processors with 24 cores and 32 threads. These chipsets also have dynamic clock speeds up to 5.8GHz. As a result, it will deliver smart and best gaming, video and live streaming, and recording experiences.

On the other hand, This new family includes 125 partner system designs. Together, these components and additions provide an uncompromised experience for both application performance and platform eligibility.

In terms of memory, the newly-released processors equip two segments. One is the latest DDR5 and the other is the traditional DDR4. Consequently, both the memory variants offer thoughtful benefits of the 13th Gen Intel Core processor while assembling the desktop setup.

The new product of the company stands on the x86 performance hybrid architecture. This mechanism brings the fastest P-core (Performance cores) and E-core (Efficient cores) that uplifts the performance grade. One can find better responsiveness from the system side even when there is a lot of multitasking workload.

Intel 13th Gen Core Processor

Main Advantages of the new processor family:

  • World’s best gaming experience: With up to 5.8GHz and 15% better single-thread functioning, the processor can exhibit high frame rates and unleashed gaming experiences.
  • Advance content creation: With P-cores and E-cores, the multi-thread functioning increases up to 41%. You can manage and operate several tasks conveniently and creatively.
  • Unmatched overclocking experience: Users can inspect higher average over-clocking speeds across various key components. It also features hassle-free memory overclocking experience with both DDR4 and DDR5.

Apart from the main objectives, the respective processors bring several improved functions as well. For instance, it boosts the technology and thermal velocity power, supports PCIe Gen 5.0, increments the memory support to DDR5-5600 and DDR5-5200, maintains the compatibility of DDR4 memory, increased the L3 cache, and more.

As for the availability, these new processors will officially appear in the market after October 20. Aside, the company will also open the sale procedure for boxed processors, motherboards, and desktop system sales.

Intel 13th Gen Core Processor

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