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Huawei’s twisted fingerprint technology can unlock phone in a new way



Huawei twisted fingerprint patent

Recently, Huawei published a new twisted fingerprint method patent suitable for devices with larger displays, which is not a touch-sensitive screen. Aside from the thumbprints, plan prints, Iris, and facial expressions, this is something new in biometric lock technology.

As per the information, this new patent – “a touch method and electronic device based on twisted fingerprint” of Huawei released with the publication number CN113204308A has been applied back on 31st January 2020.

At work, this method is a bit complicated for the device without a touch screen. But the patent abstract describes the method in the following terms-

  • The inbuild fingerprint sensor collects the fingerprint image
  • Then the electronic device recognized the image and the first fingerprint indicated matching with the first twisted fingerprint from the first image
  • Afterward, the device determines the twisting direction for the electronic device analysis first twisting direction
  • Thus a user can successfully access the device even when it’s not a touch screen through the twisted fingerprint collected by the fingerprint sensor

Huawei twisted fingerprint patent Document

Huawei’s Fingerprint Technology:

To date, Huawei owns handy of patents for different use cases that include fingerprint anti-counterfeiting technology to reduce fack fingerprint attempts, and fingerprint recovery technology using the fingerprint count.

Besides, this tech giant also registers under-screen patent technology and all screen fingerprint patent technology. The company is developing this technology to improve accuracy and reducing efforts, power consumption, and external threats.

Huawei twisted fingerprint patent

(Source- Ithome)

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