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Huawei’s new optical storage system plan can reduce maintenance costs



On April 15, 2021, Huawei has filed a new patent for an energy storage system, energy storage container, and optical storage system, which was officially published on July 9 in China.

According to the China Intellectual Property database, this patent was announced with publication number CN113098041A and aims to normalize the hardware architecture. This is convenient for maintenance and reduces costs.

Optical Storage:

Optical storage is the storage of data on an optically readable medium. Data is recorded by making marks in a pattern that can be read back with the aid of light.

The patent document describes an energy storage system, an energy storage container, and an optical storage system, including an energy storage container, controller, and protection switches.

The energy storage container includes multiple battery families. The first choice of each protection switch in the n protection switches is used to connect the DC bus and each protection in the n protection switches.

The second field of the switch is connected to at least quality access points: at least one of the least four access points is used to connect to the battery family.

Control a protection switch to connect a different number of battery families, so that the energy storage system can provide Different audio and electricity duration.

Due to the number of access points, one access point can be connected to one or more battery bags. The number of battery chains is different, corresponding to different audio and electricity durations.

There is no need to change the number of protection switches and wire connections due to animal growth. The number of protective switches does not need to be changed for a long time, and the hardware architecture is normalized, which is easy to maintain and reduces costs.

(Via: ithome)

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