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Huawei’s 8K TV received 3C certification in China, preparing for launch



Huawei Brand

At the press announcement of its first-quarter earnings, Huawei announced that it’ll expand the consumer electronics division, later on, a report revealed that the company is planning to launch 5G enabled 8K TV, and by the time it has now spotted at 3C certification authority in China.

Huawei is planning to launch the world’s first 5G enabled TV

On May 29, two Huawei LCD TVs have passed the 3C certification, the certification model is OSCA-550/Osca-550A, the applicant is Huawei Technologies, and the production company is BOE Video Technology, Ltd.

It’s being reported that Huawei is seeking to cooperate with LCD panel maker BOE and Shenzhen Huaxing Photoelectric Technology, to jointly develop LCD TVs.

According to supply chain, Huawei launch date for 55-inch LCD TV was planned for May and a 65-inch LCD TV in August. However, a person who has been following the project said that the progress of Huawei’s LCD TV project is unclear and its launch to market could be delayed.

Apart from this, Huawei has not confirmed any news related to 8K TV. Moreover, it’s unclear when will the company planning to launch these TVs.

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