Huawei will start punishing employees that buy iPhones

A shenzhen-based company that supplies parts for Huawei and other Chinese manufacturers has announced that it will start punishing employees that buy iPhones.

According to a statement given to the South China Morning Post, Menpad will impose a penalty equal to the market cost of the purchased iPhone. It isn’t entirely clear how the company plans to change the employees, but the fine could be deducted from their paychecks.

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“If employees buy any iPhone for themselves, the company will impose a 100 percent penalty on the basis of the phone’s market price, ” the statement said.

If this wasn’t enough of a reason for Menpad’s employees to avoid Apple at all costs, the company is also offering to give those who buy a Huawei or ZTE phone 15 percent of the purchase price back.

This move appears to stem from a public letter sent by Huawei to its suppliers on December 6 that criticized the U.S.’s actions towards the company.

Menpad, which manufactures LCD displays, touch-screens, and video conferencing systems, has also announced that it will double the commission its salespeople usually make when a U.S.-based company buys something from the company. Additionally, the company has also stopped buying U.S.-made office supplies, cars, and computers.






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