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Huawei will get ‘timely’ supplies from U.S. tech firms agrees Trump



On Monday, the US President Donald Trump met with chief executives of seven tech firms to find a resolution of their business with Huawei and Trump has agreed upon their requests.

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Trump administration has agreed with the request of technology companies with a request for ‘timely licensing’ decisions from the Commerce Department’s restriction on Huawei, reported Reuters.

Under ‘timely license’, buyers or the sellers must apply for new licenses after a period of time decided by the Commerce Department. Currently, there’s no further information available on the timeline.

“The CEOs expressed strong support of the President’s policies, including national security restrictions on United States telecom equipment purchases and sales to Huawei,” a White House statement said. “They requested timely licensing decisions from the Department of Commerce, and the President agreed,” it said.

In May, Trump signed special order as “Entity-List” to bar Huawei from purchasing US technologies, citing the telecom giant as a national security threat and later on in June, Trump promised to ease these restrictions on the company, which the commerce department is currently working on.

The attendees of this meeting include – Micron Technology, Qualcomm, Google, Cisco, Intel, and Broadcom. With the resumption of supplies from these firms, we could expect that there will be at least some good outcome is on its way for Huawei and its customers.

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