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Huawei will facilitate cloud services in 170+ countries by the end of 2022



Huawei cloud services 2022

It’s September 19 and Huawei has unlocked the doors of the 2022 Connect Conference. Unveiling new ways for digital productivity, Huawei reported that it will furnish cloud services in more than 170 countries and regions by the end of 2022.

Apart from the deployment of cloud facilities, the company will also stimulate 500,000 ICT talents in the next five years. As a whole, the Chinese manufacturer is making efforts to benefit the operators and business consumers with some best technology products as well as solutions.

The Rotating Chairman of Huawei – Hu Houkun delivered a short speech about its planning regarding both major operations in the following words:

“The urgent need for digital transformation in various industries and the rapid iteration and innovation of ICT capabilities have driven global digitalization into the fast lane. It is time to unleash digital productivity.”

Huawei cloud services 2022

Digitalization Project has to cross these obstacles:

A journey is incomplete without tough obstacles. Well, the same phrase applies to this scenario. Aside from the main objectives, Hu Houkun also mentioned the challenges and concerns that Huawei will face in this digitalization journey.

The first challenge is to strengthen the digital infrastructure. Once the base gets clear, it’s easy to form a huge pillar over it. Second, the implementation of advanced technologies in industrial scenarios. Often, it becomes quite difficult to execute high-techs in massive firms. For instance, AI, big data, and more.

Thus, the company has to find out the basic steps for implying such techniques efficiently. Thirdly, with the deepening of digital transformation, the demand for industrial applications has increased rapidly.

To allocate these limitations, Hu has also shared three key factors. These essential factors are – to develop infrastructure, firmly embrace the cloud to achieve leapfrog development, and promote the development of the local digital ecosystem.

In this manner, Huawei would be able to bring cloud services to 170+ counties by the end of 2022. Alongside, the company has already been associated with 12 European countries. Till now, there are 4000 ICT talents in Asia-Pacific. By the next five years, this count will come up to 500,000 ICT talents.


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