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Huawei Weather brings major optimizations



Huawei Weather

Huawei Weather is getting a new version with major optimizations for the users and these are related to the core functionality of the app and its offerings for smartphones.

According to the information, Huawei Weather comes with optimizations for weather details interface information content and services. This includes weather forecasts, life indexes, and more.

The new version also optimizes some weather without refreshing the app’s home screen. To be mentioned, we’ve not noticed any changes in the user interface/looks of the app.

This is a comprehensive upgrade of the Huawei Weather app and we suggest you download the latest version as soon as appears on AppGallery.

Yesterday, we reported about the version, which fixed some issues on the weather app. Now, it’s getting performance improvements, which will enhance the user experience.

To download the new app version from AppGallery, open the store and tap on Me followed by the App Updates section. From here, you can access all of the available updates.

Huawei Weather

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