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Huawei Watch 3 Tracker: HarmonyOS, Latest News, Leaks and Rumors



Alongside smartphones, Huawei is also focusing on its other products and mainly on the wearable section that includes smartwatches, wireless earphones, and more.

To date, Huawei has launched lots of smartwatches in a wide range such as Watch GT 2 Pro, Watch Fit, Watch GT 2, and more. They equipped with the latest hardware and software technology as well as offers stylish design and straps.

According to the latest information, Huawei is going to unveil a new smartwatch in this segment under the name tag “Huawei Watch 3“. The smart-wearable will definitely come with boosted hardware and software combination over the existing premium smartwatch – Watch GT 2 Pro.


Also, Huawei Watch 3 is the first smartwatch in the Huawei ecosystem to come with a pre-installed HarmonyOS operating system. This new OS will also install a new user interface and a round dial system that will help users to interact in a better and more intriguing way.

Moreover, Huawei Watch 3 series will have two variants – Watch 3 (Standard) and  Watch 3 Pro (Pro) versions. These are likely to be varied in display sizes as well as a few features.

That’s not it because the upcoming Watch 3 will support eSIM for native calling features, multi-device transfer for IoT connections, and the addition of new third-party apps to increase the number of apps for this smart wearable.

In the health section, Huawei Watch 3 will offer new body temperature detection features, breath detection as well as AI-powered features to better diagnose and provide a better reading of your health statics.


Launch Date:

Huawei Watch 3 series  – Watch 3 and Watch 3 Pro will launch on June 3 at HarmonyOS & Smart Product launch conference.

Latest News:

May 27, 2021:

Huawei officially confirmed that the launch of the Huawei Watch 3 series with HarmonyOS will happen on June 2. Read more.

My 22, 2021:


Huawei Watch 3 and Watch 3 Pro codenames are revealed and they are based on famous – Galileo Galilei. Read more.

May 21, 2021:

Huawei Watch 3 and Watch 3 Pro received NBTC certification and reveal their LTE capabilities. Read more.

May 12, 2021:


Huawei Watch 3 with HarmonyOS receives WiFi certification ahead of launching among consumers. Read this full story here.

May 11, 2021:

  • Huawei Watch 3 series will unveil in June, a poster regarding this matter suggests this information. Still, a confirmation is awaited. Read more here.
  • Huawei Watch 3 first sale is likely to start on June 10. Read more.

May 1, 2021:

Huawei MatePad Pro 2 tablet along with Watch 3 smartwatch to launch in June, however, there was no confirmation made on this matter at the moment. Read more.

April 7, 2021:


Huawei Watch 3 will come with new HarmonyOS UI, eSIM support, and more new features. Read more

March 19, 2021:

Huawei’s upcoming Watch GT 3 smartwatch to be called Huawei Watch 3. Read more


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Huawei Watch GT 3 getting new metronome and other features



Huawei Watch GT 3 August 2022 update

Huawei Watch GT 3 users can now experience the noteworthy metronome feature, through the new August 2022 optimization update. Be the early adopter to grab this recent update to give the smartest feature support to your sharp-witted smartwatch.

The recent optimization update for the Huawei Watch GT 3 is the best combination for the users, it has to come out clean in the following aspects:

  • A new unexpected features
  • Certain bugs to be fixed
  • System and existing features optimization

Let’s take a look at the changelog:

The most highlighter feature spotted in the Huawei Watch GT 3 update is the ‘Metronome’, it is the most demanding feature from the users. As it supports various types of sports activities. Besides its access to control the iOS music player system.

metronome feature Huawei watch 3

Notably, the update changelog brings endless optimization including, the display of heart rate, sleep, SpO2, stress cards, and more. Alongside, it fixes an issue where messages were displayed incorrectly in some languages.

However, the update carries the HarmonyOS build version. All you need to left approx 120 MB of update weight to experience all corresponding features and fixes in your smartwatch.


For more details, you can check the complete changelog mentioned below:


  • With this update, Metronome has been added and the display of heart rate, sleep, SpO2, and stress cards has been Optimized.


  • Added metronome for multiple exercise modes, including 1 running, walking, and cycling. ( Displayed after tapping the settings icon next to a workout mode in the Exercise section.
  • Added support for music playback control on iPhone. 3 Added support for finding your watch using your phone ( in Huawei health – Devices – Huawei Watch GT 3 – Find My Device).


  • Optimized Bluetooth connection and added new status icon usage.
  • Optimized the display of 2 K alpine rate sleep SpO2 and stress cards.
  • Improved the watch’s response time when answering Bluetooth calls.
  • Al Voice Optimized and added chat and calculator support.
  • Optimized the accuracy of heart rate monitoring during exercise.


  • Fixed an issue where messages were displayed incorrectly in some languages

Huawei Watch GT 3

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HarmonyOS Update

 Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 HarmonyOS 3.0 update is expanding



Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 HarmonyOS 3.0  

Huawei already released the major HarmonyOS 3.0 update for the HWA-certified Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2. In the recent development, the Chinese firm is working to expand this ultimate HarmonyOS 3.0 version for the FreeBuds Pro 2 users in other regions.

Huawei reveals that they bringing better Bluetooth connectivity to the buds through this new firmware version. The feature provides you with better and fair connectivity on your Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 devices.

Alongside, it also improves the phone call experience that allowing you to go completely wireless, and making your call easier than before. The Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 expanding version can be identified through (F002H003C90).

Well, the Huawei fans in the overseas market are quite happy to experience the HarmonyOS 3.0 software other than, smartphone devices. Hence, there is no clue whether the company rolls out China-dedicated software in the global market in the future.


Huawei Freeebuds pro 2 HarmonyOS 3.0

But there’s nothing sad about it, the HarmonyOS is not much separate from the EMUI version in features. While with every new update company tries to improve and satisfy its global users with the EMUI version.

Well, back to the Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 update, we recommend you to grab the HarmonyOS 3.0 update as soon as possible, all you need to lift the 4.03MB of installation weight.

Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 HarmonyOS 3.0  

Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 utilizes a BES2700 processor:

Do you know the Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 uses the BES2700 main control processor? Recently, Hengxuan Technology reveal that the BES2700 processor feature is present in your FreeBuds Pro 2.

The BES2700 series is a Bluetooth wearable platform with ultra-low power consumption. It is primarily used in TWS, hybrid ANC, and AI voice applications.


The latest chip technology is yet used in the FreeBuds Pro 2 devices. By the second half of this year, the corporation will release the newly created chipsets to products of the other devices.


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Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 uses new BES2700 processor



Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 processor

Huawei has already launched the FreeBuds Pro 2 headsets at the recently held HarmonyOS 3.0 event. The company has introduced the latest earbuds by describing several of its features. Yet, looks like the tech giant forgot to mention the key aspect of Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 – its processor.

According to the latest information, coming from Hengxuan Technology, Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 uses the ultimate BES2700 main control processor. This 2700 series chipset is the latest product of the Hengxuan that has just begun to release for customer-based devices. By the end of the third quarter, these processors will enter the stock stage.

Speaking of the high-tech processor, the BES2700 series is an ultra-low power Bluetooth wearable platform. It mainly comes in use for TWS, hybrid ANC, and AI voice applications. These processors have the capability of intelligently processing the localized data with the minimum amount of power requirement.

Consequently, Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 headset owners will experience an extended battery life. On the other hand, this will help in stretching the time between chargers and allowing longer usage of the product.


The information further suggests that at present, the FreeBuds Pro 2 devices are the ones using the latest chip technology. Thereafter, the company will be releasing the newly-developed chipsets to products of the other brands by the second half of this year.

Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 processor

Hengxuan and its Technologies

The Hengxuan technologies for customer-based products divide itself into three sections. These comprise the smartphone, audio manufacturers, and Internet organizers. Here also, the company keenly focuses on the TWS earsets and works to provide a convenient audio experience to the users.

Alternatively, Hengxuan believes that over the past few years, the company has ripened a lot. From tripping over the single TWS headset chip to moving on to the wearable and smart home areas, the company has seen good growth in the success graph. Now, the enterprise is aiming to gradually shift from audio to audio and video concepts and hence, soon will bring a fruitful evolution.


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