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Huawei Watch 3 new gesture control features are cool and handy



Huawei Watch 3 Series

Huawei Watch 3 series comes with HarmonyOS 2 operating system and offers a handful of smart gesture control features for a prompt response and device management. It allows the users to access various features even before open the system using specific gestures.

Furthermore, the models also have Celia virtual assistant that places the system control on voice commands. It allows users to check notifications, set alarms, online transactions, as well as can control other smart devices such as smart speakers, etc.

Despite all these features, Huawei Watch 3 also has new gesture smart control features for spontaneous response in the watch. Recently, the company adds three new gesture controls that will make the users work more effortless.

Let’s head to the feature details and explore what the company brings this time-

First Feature: Easily Acess Smart Payments

In the Covid pandemic, everyone wants a contactless service and online transaction is the best way. Huawei has already added the Alipay app support to the watch and this new feature will let the users easily access it.

Raising the wrist with your palm facing downwards and grinding the fingers will directly open the Alipay QR code for offhand payments.

Smart Gesture Control

Second Feature: Quickly  Answer the Calls

The second feature is one of the coolest features a smartwatch can have.  As we know that Huawei Watch 3 series comes with eSIM slots for calling support. It allows a user to make calls or receive them.

To answer any call in between any work, quickly make a fist and release it. It’ll help to answer the incoming calls and save your energy in using fingers.

Smart Gesture Control

Third Feature: Don’t get disturbed and press the mute button

Coming to the third feature, flipping the wrist will let you mute the ongoing call, so the caller won’t get disturbed in between the conversation.

Smart Gesture Control

To be mentioned, these features don’t come as default, a user has to manually enable them. Below, you can check how to turn the gesture control feature.

How to Enable Gesture Features:

  • Go to the Application Menu from the home screen
  • Tap on the device Settings
  • Select the Accessibility 
  • Enable/Disable the Smart Gesture features

Previous Update:

With the previous update, Huawei brings the IoT device control panel alongside various features in the Watch 3. It’ll provide support for smart switches, air conditioners, air purifiers, lighting, sockets, fans, sweeping robots, desk lamps, and more. (Read More Here)

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