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Huawei unveils smart solar-wind-storage solution to overcome energy challenges



Huawei smart solar-wind-storage solution

On June 12, 2024, Huawei conducted the Smart Photovoltaic Strategy and New Product Launch event where it launched the smart solar-wind-storage generator solution. From the name, the solution can help with energy-related activities.

Huawei explained that the new smart solar-wind-storage solution will help in dealing with energy challenges in the native region. The product aims to resolve problems regarding grid connection, power consumption, operations, and safety aspects.

Inputs reveal that Huawei has built the world’s first grid-based energy storage product upon the solar storage use network cloud architecture. This base system enables the storage solution to generate photovoltaic power and support the grid connection.

The smart solar-wind-storage generator solution consists of three main reconstructive technologies: voltage, power angle, and frequency. These three factors help the solution to obtain power, stable control, as well as transmission of energy.

Huawei smart solar-wind-storage solution

Huawei smart solar-wind-storage solutions launched (Image Credits: ITHome)

Next solution is the world’s first string-type grid-connected energy storage platform. It further helps eliminate the obstacles related to new energy and boosts full-lifecycle economy, full-link digitalization, full architecture security, and upgraded networking.

Another benefit of this solution is that can run in any type of network scenario (strong or weak) and provides 40% more renewable energy than traditional solutions.

Huawei has developed its new storage platform in such a way that it can set aside 150 million yuan per 100MWh for the entire life cycle. Notably, this is equivalent to a huge cost reduction of 1.5 yuan per Wh.

Some other solutions in this list count as green electricity solution 2.0 as well as household solution 5.0. Both these products play a vital role in saving energy and increasing power efficiency. You can more details about the event HERE.

Huawei smart solar-wind-storage solution

Huawei smart solar-wind-storage solutions launched (Image Credits: MyDrivers)

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