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Huawei unveils HarmonyOS NEXT Star Shield Security for better privacy protection



HarmonyOS NEXT Star Shield Security

Huawei has introduced a brand new Star Shield security architecture with HarmonyOS NEXT to better protect users’ privacy. The company has not focused on smart features or smoothness of the OS but also made it more secure and preserved against malware.

The Chinese phone maker released the HarmonyOS NEXT beta on June 21 and showcased some of its vital capabilities. Apart from performance improvements, the senior executives of the company have also shed light on the privacy aspects.

HarmonyOS NEXT Star Shield security architecture guards your data and other essentials in the device from harmful risks. It mainly looks after third-party app installations via AppGallery and ensures that users may not install any defective app.

Using this architecture, HarmonyOS NEXT inspects codes and apps that do not fulfill security requirements. If found, it restricts them from being installed on Huawei devices.

HarmonyOS NEXT Star Shield Security

Star Shield Security protects your device from unauthorized third-party apps (Image Credits: Huawei)

Star Shield Security architecture makes data sharing in multi-person collaboration more controllable, prioritizing users’ privacy. It supports all kinds of file formats for sharing.

It also initiates end-to-end data encryption when sharing files or other media content between multiple devices. Hence users can forward their files and data to others without depending on any third-party apps or limiting on sharing channels.

HarmonyOS NEXT Star Shield Security

Star Shield Security ensures safe data sharing (Image Credits: Huawei)

For a single device, it turns on the hardware level ‘one key one password’ process. These functions bring high data security and multiple protections ranging from personal security to collaboration.

Another significant capability is Star Shield security architecture restricts 9 types of unnecessary permissions. In other words, some unreasonable permissions will no longer ask to be granted. Some of these include the following:

  • Read the list of installed apps
  • Accessing information
  • Accessing storage
  • Create a home screen shortcut

Star Shield Security restricts 9 unwanted permissions (Image Credits: Huawei)

This will further reduce the risk of privacy from unauthorized sources or any third-party application on your device. Overall, the architecture shows that HarmonyOS NEXT will better protect users’ privacy bringing a pure and more reliable experience.

Star Shield Security provides a safer access to permissions (Image Credits: Huawei)

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