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Huawei unveils EasyFit 2 runner exclusive strap at just 21.51 USD



Huawei EasyFit 2 Runner Strap

Huawei Vmall has packed some amazing and exciting offers for consumers. And the most interesting one is the entry of a new Huawei EasyFit 2 Runner exclusive strap. Yes, the company has brought a new addition to the wearable devices, which is avail at just 149 yuan [21.51 USD].

Currently, the new strap of Huawei EasyFit 2 Runner is running in the public testing phase. Hence, here is the chance to experience a new stylish band around your wrist with an advanced dial, that let you run with up-to-date trends.

Describing the look and design of the wearable strap, Huawei marks a tagline with the exclusive product. The words simply define the choice of colors a user will get in the straps.

“Run with your heart and burn red, comfortable and comfortable island blue, and embrace the natural wild green. Sports or fashion, style is defined by you, let life and the runway be your runway.”

Thus, there are three elegant color shades – island blue, wild green, and burning red. Further, these straps are applicable with 22mm dials and use a double-layer antibacterial year of multi-color nylon fine woven. Undoubtedly, there are no chances of skin irritation. You can also adjust the length of the strap as per the size of your wrist.

Huawei EasyFit 2 Runner Strap

Public Testing Procedure

The public testing recruitment begins on September 6 and will end on the 26th of September. Moreover, apart from testing a new strap, there is a lot hidden under the table. The information reveals that this event has a special prize – Huawei S-TAG Elite Model 3 for the participants.

On the other hand, there is a lucky draw prize as Huawei Smart Choice SMART ROPES 1 Vitality Orange. The seats are only available for the first 100 users. Afterward, the company will select three random participants as the winners of the SMART ROPES. This is a one-chance prize. Thus, if not selected, you won’t get the next chance.

For participating and knowing more about the prize details, you need to visit the Vmall LINK. However, let’s not forget that the price has dropped down from 199 yuan [28.73 USD] to 149 yuan [21.51 USD]. So, take the advantage of this moment, and enjoy a new strap on your hands.

Huawei EasyFit 2 Runner Strap


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