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Huawei triple-foldable likely to use inner + outer folding, dual-hinge design



Huawei triple foldable dual-hinge

A Weibo tipster now says the Huawei triple-foldable will adopt a dual-hinge design with an inner + outer folding mechanism. The details imply that the device is still in the development stage but it won’t take much time to enter the consumer world.

Over the past year, we have talked a lot about the world’s first triple-folding phone. Huawei’s ultimate creation may leave all of its competitors behind in the foldable race. However, the release time of this device is still the most-awaited query to resolve.

Amid tri-fold launch rumors, @DigitalChatStation noted that the Huawei triple-foldable will bring a dual-hinge design. It may also carry an inner + outer folding technology.

Note that the dual-hinge support will enable users to easily fold or unfold the device inside and outside. This will eventually uplift the flexibility aspects to the next level.

The leak further points out that the device carries a 10-inch display. This panel fetches effective crease-controlling properties. The phone is said to have a screen pressure bar component to offer superior as well as more reliable performance.

Huawei triple foldable dual-hinge

Huawei triple foldable to bring inner+outer folding mechanism (Image Credits: Weibo)

Huawei seems baking its world’s first-ever tri-foldable handset with several powerful technologies. Although these tech capabilities are currently unknown. We expect Huawei to announce the launch date for its new creation by Q4 2024.

The Chinese tech maker aims to introduce a more durable experience with its tri-fold phone. Unlike other fragile foldable phones in the market, Huawei wants to offer a scratch and hinge-issue free folding handset to its consumers.

Patent applications showed that Huawei is focusing on an improved display solution for its triple-foldable phone. The firm looks forward to more comfort for users when watching videos, reading, or gaming. You can check the patent details HERE.

DigitalChatStation also mentioned that the company began testing as well as verifying the new device for mass production. Thus, we might hear the bell rings of its launch in the upcoming months.

Huawei triple foldable dual-hinge

Huawei triple foldable could soon enter mass production (Image Credits: Weibo)

X tipster @jasonwill recently reported that Huawei could use a Kirin 9 series chipset for its folding phone. Apart from innovation, the new device may also deliver an upgraded-level performance. However, the chip remains a mystery for the time being. But we may grab more revelations in the coming days, stay tuned.

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