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Huawei treats P50 Pro users with EMUI 14.2 software update



Huawei P50 Pro EMUI 14.2

Huawei has surprised P50 Pro smartphone users with the EMUI 14.2 treat. The company is releasing the latest enhancements for one of its effective flagship. It also provides some internal bug fixes to erase anonymous issues from the device.

EMUI 14.2 is the latest development in the EMUI world. It has more room for customizations compared to previous versions. With newest changes and functions, Huawei rolled out the 14.2 software updates to most of its flagship models so far.

The recent addition to the list counts was Mate Xs 2. After giving the EMUI 14.2 offering to the old foldable, the phone maker is now bringing it to Huawei P50 Pro.

Huawei P50 Pro users can identify the EMUI 14.2 firmware with the version. Do have sufficient space in your handset as the software weighs 6.29GB.

EMUI 14.2 is full of new surprises. Installing the latest firmware will open doors for more personalization, better performance efficiency, as well as improved security.

Thanks to the tipster – Harris Mirza for this amazing tip!

Huawei P50 Pro EMUI 14.2

Huawei P50 Pro is getting an EMUI 14.2 update (Image Credits: HCNewsroom)

With the EMUI 14.2 update, P50 Pro users will receive an all-new set of themes including Magazine and Interactive ones. These add-ons aim to glorify your phone’s home screen. All you have to do is, pick a theme and hit the ‘Apply’ button.

Users will get different font styles to customize the clock on the lock screen. It will also add a similar effect to the app icons for a more classy and aesthetic look.

The second part of the changelog consists of productive as well as efficient features. For instance, Live View gives a quick note of an app or activities in real-time. It appears at the top of the screen in capsule form, but you can expand it accordingly.

SuperHub 2.0 is another useful feature that simplifies the transfer of data from one app or device to another. Ark Engine is also on the list to enhance the fluency of the phone. It also offers faster and smoother animations as well as transitions.

You may also find a new security patch to enhance the overall security of the device. This will further check on bugs that might have compromised the user experience.

Have a look at the complete EMUI 14.2 changelog HERE.

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Huawei P50 Pro EMUI 14.2

Huawei P50 Pro (Image Credits: Huawei)

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