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Huawei to use 60% of in-house processors in the second half to ease reliance on others



Huawei’s smartphones are mainly equipped with its in-house Kirin processors but the company also buys processors from other companies and in the second half of this year, Huawei is expected to ship 60% of its smartphones powered by Kirin processor, says a report.

Huawei is ready to beat Apple, Samsung, and Qualcomm with its best-ever chips

According to supply chain sources, Huawei is expected to ship 60% of its phone powered by Hisilicion’s application processors in the second half of 2019, compared to 45% in the first half of this year and less than 40% in the timespan in 2018, reported DigiTimes.

This means that over 150 million Huawei handsets will adopt Kirin mobile SoCs rolled out by its chipmaking arm Hisilicon, based on the total shipments of 270 million units projected for 2019, the sources said.

The Founder and CEO of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei told that the company will continue to purchase SoC’s from Qualcomm, as industry sources said that Huawei’s processor purchases from Qualcomm in 2019 will not be lower than 50 million units recorded in 2018.

Huawei has recently launched its new 7nm processor inside the Nova 5 series smartphones that’ll empower its mid-range devices in order to ease reliance on Qualcomm and MediaTek for the supply of lower-end mobile SoC’s.

Previously in an interview, Ren revealed that the company will produce 270 million smartphones this year and it’s a target then the company has ever planned to ship worldwide.

As of May 30, Huawei announced that its smartphone shipment exceeded 100 million units worldwide in this year. This means Huawei yet to ship more device in the second half of this year compared to the first.

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