Huawei to step foot in GPU Server market later this year

Huawei Technologies provides a wide range of solutions including Cloud and AI business for the industry. And according to a new report, Huawei may soon enter a new business field later this year.

Huawei will establish a Cloud and AI Business Group in South Korea this year, to step foot in the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) server market, which is currently under the dominance of NVidia, reported Korean new agency TheElec.

According to the source, the Chinese tech giant is currently recruiting experts for this particular business organization and the new business group will be placed under its Enterprise division.

Last year, Huawei unveiled its Ascend 910, calling it the world’s most high-quality AI processor. Ascend 910 boasts a speed of 256TeraFLOPS. This is about the twice as fast speed of NVidia’s GPU Tesla V100. Ascend 910 is built with 7nm+ technology, while Tesla V100 is with the 12nm.

Following the launch of Ascend 910, Huawei unveiled the Atlas 900, the world’s fasted AI training cluster.

Huawei also launched Kunpeng 920, In the SPECint benchmark suite of 12 programs designed to test integer performance — the Kunpeng 920 chipset scored over 930, or almost 25% higher than the industry benchmark while drawing 30% less power than that offered by industry incumbents.






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