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Huawei Tip: How to use different power saving modes for longer battery backup

The battery is an important part of our smartphone’s daily life because it provides us the power that we need to run our phone and for how long it’ll run to get a seamless experience.

With the advancement in the phone’s internal architecture, the phone’s battery has become more compact but more powerful compared as well as more durable. Therefore, the phone makers have not only increased the capacity of the battery but also the features that it comes with providing a maximum and long-lasting power backup.

Huawei is long been known for its battery restrictions that allow it to restrict power for unnecessary uses and close background apps that consume power and drains out the battery without even actual usage.

Still, the phone’s battery will definitely come to the lowest point, what’ll you do then? Well, here comes the Battery saving options.

Huawei phones have inbuilt battery-saving modes that allow users to enhance and use the battery life for different scenarios, and below we’ll going to see them in a bit detail.

Most of these modes are available in the battery Settings and you can access them via:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Go to Battery
  3. Tap on the slider to enable the respective battery saving mode

Battery Modes in Detail:

Performance Mode:

This mode optimizes settings to deliver maximum performance, which is useful while playing games and doing heavy multitasking. However, this mode consumes a lot of power and processing compared to while it’s off.

While on, the speedometer icon will be displayed in the status bar.

Power Saving Mode:

As it’s name says, the power saving mode saves pwoer by limited background app activity, reducing animation effects, and disbaling network connectivity such as 5G, Always on display and auto syncing of data.

When the batteyr level is lower than or equal to 10%, stricter power saving measures are taken to ensure the longest standby tiem. It’s also recommended that you use Power Saving mode when the battery level is lower than or equal to 20%.

Ultra Power Saving Mode:

This mode is the top most power saving option available in Huawei devices, it completely restricts apps and only allow users to access only a certain amount of apps.

However, it could increase the battery life up 3 times than the existing battery level.






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