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Huawei technology could detect and repair system startup issues




On May 6, Huawei published a new patent entities “system maintenance method, device, and readable storage medium” in China. The latest information reveals that Huawei has new technology that can detect system startup issues and repair them automatically.

Huawei’s purpose behind the development of this kind of technology is to improve maintenance efficiency and enhance the user experience. Also, it saves users time to go to maintenance outlets for repairs for system start failure.

According to information, the patent application lies in the field of devices and is related to system maintenance technology and readable storage medium. You can check the more details below.

Huawei system startup repair technology

Patent Description:

Huawei patent application discloses that the system startup repair technology method includes when a system startup failure occurs, updating the system’s first parameter according to the startup failure. And using the update first parameter to indicate the failure type when a system startup failure occurs.

A repair program update to repair startup failure is determined according to the failure type indicated by the first parameter. Boot into the repair program to fix startup failures. It acknowledges the automatic detection and repair of system startup failures.

More information:

On the same day, Huawei published another patent entitled “flexible screen support mechanism and rollable electronic device” in China. However, this new rollable display technology can be applied to future Huawei portable devices. Read more


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