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Huawei takes Sunshine Computers to court for infringement




On 22nd September, a trademark infringement case between Huawei Technologies and Sunshine Computers comes to light. The civil court made the first instance judgment and announce the decision in Huawei’s favor.

According to the information, plaintiff Huawei takes the defendant Sunshine computers to court for infringement of its exclusive rights. The plaintiff claimed that its trademark is been used without the company’s concerns.

The Case:

Huawei claims that Sunshine Computer Technology conspicuously used the company registered trademark “Huawei” without taking consent. Moving ahead, both parties are related to the same field and provides likewise kinds of services.

As the company didn’t approve the defendant to use the trademark, it’s infringing on the exclusive right to use this cited trademark.

Huawei Sunshine Computers


Defendants explanations:

Coming to the defendant’s part, it explains that the placement supplies were provided by the Huawei Loudi Company. Furthermore, the decoration was all completed by Huawei. Besides, the defendant also applied a counterclaim in court.

First Instance Verdict:

Department of Economic Damage of Guangdong announces this verdict. The court didn’t found any exact prove like an agreement or any written deal between both parties. Therefore, Sunshine Computer Technology is proven to uses the trademark with official permission.

Huawei Sunshine Computers

The court instructed the defendant to instantly stopped using the plaintiff’s trademarks without his consult. Moreover, to reflects on the action defendant has to pay the compensation amount of 5,000 Yuan.

About Sunshine Computers:

Linked with computer-related parts and marketing this branch belongs to Sunshine Computer Technology Business Departmentinvoalved in this case. As per the data, it locates in Loudi City of Hunan province China.

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