Huawei takes only 27 seconds to make a new smartphone, in 2015 it took 10 minutes



At Changsha Cyber Security & Intelligent Manufacturing Conference in China, Vice President of Huawei and President of Huawei China Cloud and Computing, Shi Yaohong said Huawei has greatly reduced the time of smartphone manufacturing from minutes to just seconds.

He said, in 2015, it took 10 minutes for each production line of Huawei to produce a new smartphone. in 2020, it takes only 27 seconds to make a new smartphone at Huawei’s production lines.

Huawei’s internal manufacturing architecture is called One Cloud, Two Cores, Three Streams, and Four Technology. This is which realizes the five major synergies and the integrations of the requirements of the consumer, design and manufacturing, suppliers, orders and manufacturing, and self-made outsourcing.

Let’s check them in details:

One cloud: Through the Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Huawei has extended the upstream and downstream with manufacturing as the core, and has truly extended MES into an integrated and integrated process platform cloud for supply, procurement, R&D, manufacturing, sales, and service;


Two cores: Pursue excellence in production technology and make full use of intelligence;

Three streams: product engineering data flow, production information flow, and production process flow are integrated to realize end-to-end process changes;

Four technologies: build a digital “new infrastructure” with the four technologies of the Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing.

Five synergy/integration: customer demand collaboration, design, and manufacturing integration, supplier collaboration, order and manufacturing collaboration, self-made outsourcing collaboration


Six Intelligence: smart products, smart scheduling, smart logistics, smart equipment, and production lines, smart maintenance, smart environment, and more.

These help Huawei to build and deliver a better products in a fast and efficient way.



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