Huawei Smart Living Pavilion officially opens, new experience center with over 2000 Huawei products

On June 6, Huawei has officially opened its smart product experience center in Shenzhen, China. This center allows users to experience Huawei’s whole range of products in a single place.

Named Huawei Smart Living Pavillion, this smart experience center designed with a new trendy look especially the giant screen on the top.  That is the industry’s first combination of 3D atmospheric display and 3D ultra-high definition large display.

Huawei Smart Living Pavilion

Huawei Smart Life Pavilion is a four-story structure and expands nearly 1300 square meters. Its facade is made of 179 pieces of custom made glass of different sizes, which reaches up 16 meters. Behind the glass, there’s a layer of LED luminous atmosphere screen, which can illuminate different scenes of aurora, ocean, forest and other atmospheric effects.

Huawei Smart Living Pavilion Experience center

Experience Center

Within the center, people can experience over 2,000 products including smartphones, PCs, Tablets, SmartWatches, Smart Screen TVs. Also, other intelligent devices such as Huawei’s new ecological purifiers, robots, and for the first time, the Chinese tech giant showcasing its HiCare technology in a real car that users can experience to understand the seamlessly connected ecosystem.

Huawei HiCare

Huawei HiCar






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