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Huawei brings smart door lock 2.0 series



Huawei Smart Door Lock 2.0

At the new product launch conference, Huawei unveiled its brand door lock 2.0 series smart door locks. These are enhanced by improving security for all scenario experiences.

The new Huawei Smart Lock 2.0 series comes with AI 3D face recognition 2.0 feature, which increases the unlock speed by 20%. This makes the unlock procedure fast and accurate in all types of lighting conditions. This new smart door lock uses a dual-engine powered AI fingerprint algorithm for easy-to-access unlocking.

The screen of this new smart door lock system provides a new memo feature, which helps you to remember important notes when you enter or exit the house.

Do you that this new smart lock comes with a financial-level security vault using a HarmonyOS operating system certificate? It is known as CCRC enhanced security certification and the highest security level evaluation by the Smart Standards Committee.

Huawei Smart Door Lock 2.0 starts at 2499 yuan, and the Pro version is 3699 yuan.

Huawei Smart Door Lock 2.0

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