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Huawei Router AX6 and Q6 network cable version goes on sale in China



Huawei Router AX6 sale

Last month, Huawei has launched two routers –Huawei Router AX6 and Q6 network cable version in the Chinese market. Today, these new routers go on their first sale with starting price of 549 yuan.

To be mentioned, Huawei Router AX6 is an ordinary routing device for household appliance usage in daily life. This router comes with dual-band WiFi 6+, 7200Mbps, 8 independent signal amplifiers, and is equipped with a HarmonyOS system.

While the Router Q6 network cable version is mainly designed for large apartments. More information shows that the Router Q6 consists of 1 mother and 5 sub-sets as well as includes 1 to 8 ports for the mother router and 5 sub ports for routers. If you are excited and want to experience this router. Then, you can visit Huawei’s official store-Vmall.

Huawei Router pricing details:

  • Huawei Router AX6 is available at a price of 549yuan [Link]
  • Huawei Router Q6 is available at a price of 1699yuan [Link]

Huawei Router AX6 sale

Huawei Router AX6 specifications:

Huawei Router AX6 supports dual-band 4*4 MIMO, 4KQAM with a refresh rate of 160MHz, and is compatible with Wi-Fi 5 160 MHz bandwidth. It’s also equipped with a total of 8 high-performance signal amplifiers in 2.4 GHz and 5GHz channels. This router is furnished with AI-anti jamming technology which can avoid signal interference from various household appliances in daily life.

When it comes to the functions, Huawei Router AX6 will bring Huawei Game Turbo 2.0 technology, intelligently, identifies popular mobile games, and joins the fast line. It reduces the delay and packet loss rate by 20%. This router handles children’s Internet devices for time and behavior management and blocks the inadequate sites.

Huawei Router Q6 specifications:

Huawei Router Q6 network cable version contains 1 mother router, 1 Pro version sub-router, and 2 standard version sub-routers. The sub-router performs support to Huawei Wi-Fi 6 +3000 Mbps with 160MHz ultra- wide bandwidth.

The standard version has 2 signal amplifiers, and the Pro version has 4 signal amplifiers equipped with a microsecond-level intelligent positioning antenna, which has the capability to locate the signal source by tracking the intelligent algorithms which ensure a continuous and stable network connection.

It gives rise to adopting a full gigabit network port design and sends fiber broadband to each room through the network cable. The sub-router doesn’t need additional supply and can be used only by plugging in the internet cable.

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