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Huawei roasts Honor, PWM dimming over 1440Hz is useless



Huawei Honor pwm dimming 1440Hz

Honor has recently launched 3840Hz PWM dimming and it seems like Huawei has roasted this new achievement saying that PWM dimming over 1440Hz is no use for eye protection.

The latest comment is coming from Huawei Consumer Business Group CTO, Bruce Lee said that the benefits of PWM dimming over 1440Hz frequency are almost zero for eye protection, which may be an aim at Honor. He posted the latest statement while resharing of comparison between Huawei Mate X3, P60 Pro, and Honor 90 series.

In a low-brightness environment (lower than 10 to 15 nits), the actual flicker hazard of high-frequency PWM mobile phone OLEDs has been completely decoupled from the advertised “highest dimming frequency”.

Regardless of whether the advertised dimming frequency is 1440Hz, 1920Hz, 3840Hz, or even 7680Hz in the future, as long as it is in the aforementioned low-brightness environment, its performance has nothing to do with the advertised number. This has become the base of what Bruce Lee said above, the benefit of 1440Hz PWM dimming to eye protection is almost zero.

Huawei Honor pwm dimming 1440Hz


Recently, Honor 90 series launched the 3840Hz zero-risk dimming eye protection screen. The former Huawei subsidiary believes that the impact of PWM dimming frequency on human eyes is not only related to frequency but also related to multiple factors such as fluctuation depth and duty cycle.

For example, when the frequency is high but the fluctuation depth is also high, stroboscopic flicker may still have a certain impact on the human eye.

When the PWM dimming frequency is high enough, it can make consumers not care about the image of fluctuating depth and bid farewell to the risk of screen flicker.

However, Huawei has always chosen the best technology, instead of running for higher numbers. Before the US ban, Huawei kept on innovating new features but with high-quality user experience. Honor is doing the same in their own way. So, there is a difference in opinion we might say.


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