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Huawei rewarded with the 2020 WWF Climate Entrepreneur Award



Huawei Climate Entrepreneur Award

On September 22nd, Climate Action Week-2021 Zero Carbon Mission International Climate Summit concluded in Beijing.  At the event, Huawei is rewarded with the 2020 WWF Climate Entrepreneur Award for its FusionSolar smart photovoltaic solution.

At the event, the host first time initiates the “Carbon Neutral Actor” Award. Its criteria include Scientific Carbon Goals Initiative (SBTi) and the United Nations-supported Race to Zero initiative standards. In particular, it can define a

  • Technological advancement: 20% contribution
  • Economy Growth: 20% contribution
  • Idea/Product Maturity: 15% contribution
  • Ecological and Environmental Benefits: 20% contribution
  • Growth Potential: 15% contribution
  • Social Benefits: 10% contributionHuawei Climate Entrepreneur AwardHuawei Climate Entrepreneur Award

It has been a long since Huawei is working to develop low-carbon technology and related products. As per recent information, Huawei Digital Energy helped consumers in achieving a green power generation of 403.4 billion kWh by June 30, 2021.

Furthermore, 12.4 billion kWh of electricity saving with reduced CO2 emission (carbon dioxide) by 200 million tons. This emission ratio provides a huge benefit which is obtained after 270 million tree plantations.

Huawei FusionSolar smart photovoltaic solution has achieved this climate entrepreneur award after undergoing a heavy review process.  The jury has conducted on-site defense, expert review, and real-time checking before reaching this decision. Besides, this project was launch in December 2020.

Huawei Low Carbon Technology Development: 

In low-carbon technology development, Huawei is continually evolving its technology to helps customers achieve low-carbon development. It mainly includes three aspects-

  1. Investment in developing energy-saving technologies, continuously improving the energy efficiency of ICT product
  2. Promotion of the ICT industry itself Low-carbon development
  3. Investment in power electronics technology and integrating innovation with digital technology

Maintaining this speed, Huawei will soon bring digital technology to every industry that will promote low-carbon development. Integration of clean energy and digitization of traditional energy will support all business lines.

(Via- Ithome)

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