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Huawei responds to rumor of being the ‘largest beef importer in China’



Huawei largest beef importer rumor

Huawei has been in the rumor of becoming the largest beef importer in China. Some news headlines on the internet read that the company is using new payment mediums to sell its 5G equipment. Although the tech giant has denied these words.

The story began when a few reporters noticed that Huawei began selling beef products on one of its e-commerce sites (Mossel Store). The beef seemed a low-value product available at an affordable range on the online shopping store.

With this, many speculations went online saying that Huawei might be using beef as a payment mode to sell 5G equipment to foreign countries like Argentina.

It fits accurately as the Chinese OEM faces ‘rip and replace’ challenges in several U.S., UK, and other regions. Inputs also pointed out that Huawei will likely use the ‘Barter-Trade’ system to ease its export business and get relief in terms of currencies.

Some blogs even wrote that Huawei chose this way to ease the currency change agreements between China and other countries. The agreement will lead foreign nations to use RMB for repayment while China can buy edible products like beef.

Huawei largest beef importer rumor

Huawei Mossel Online Store Products (Image Credits: X)

Huawei’s Response:

Although Huawei has clarified that being ‘the largest beef importer in China’ is entirely a rumor. The company responded that Moser aims to provide quality services and products to its customers and doesn’t engage in beef import business.

​​​”Mosel is a quality life platform under Huawei, mainly serving employees and their families. The statement that ‘Huawei is the largest beef importer in China’ is pure rumor. It is also nonsense to associate it with meat price fluctuations and the international situation. Please do not spread it or believe it. We hereby clarify.​​”

Since U.S. continues to press Chinese companies with more restrictions and trade sanctions, it seemed that Huawei could opt for such methods to open new income paths for the region. But the firm has denied completely these possibilities.

Huawei largest beef importer rumor

Huawei responds to rumor of being the largest beef importer in China (Image Credits: Weibo)

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