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Huawei reportedly files lawsuit on two people for trademark violation



Huawei lawsuit trademark violation

Huawei has reportedly filed a lawsuit against two people named Gao and Li over trademark violation. The OEM demands $100K (750000 yuan) for compensation. The case has been registered at the Haidian District People’s Court in Beijing, China.

The information reveals that the two individuals have used the trademark “Huawei” for their products inappropriately, indulging in unfair competition. As a result, Gao and Li’s attempt appeared to mislead consumers for their benefit.

Huawei filed a lawsuit asking the court to take immediate action against the two people and restrict them from continuing the trademark violation. Such attempts show that certain products have connections to a big brand, making customers purchase them.

Further details highlight that Huawei also demands $100k (750000 yuan) from Gao and Li for compensation. The Chinese tech giant has asked for this amount to compensate for legal proceedings expenses.

Huawei lawsuit trademark violation

Huawei files lawsuit on two people for trademark violation (Image Credits: MyDrivers)

The Court began the legal procedures in this case where the two accused persons have to respond to the filing within 15 days. A public hearing will take place after the evidence submission period at the Haidian court to proceed with the case ahead.

Huawei has been in the headlines for such cases many times. At the onset of this year, Huawei sued Hanmai Cosmetics and Jishe Clothing for using the trademark “Huawei” to promote their products on the familiar online shopping channel TMall.

During this case, the Chinese tech maker has asked for 10 million yuan ($1.4 million) as the compensation amount. Such disputes often lead to harm for both businesses and customers. Although these attempts have become quite common with the growing advanced technology demand.


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