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Huawei releases voice interaction method for smart cars, aims at protecting privacy



Huawei has been connected with the automotive industry for a long time, not as a smart car manufacturer but as a technology provider.

To date, the company has been holding many patents to help the OEMs to built intelligent vehicles. The technology includes Air Gesture Technology, AI Heat control, Smart Robot Interaction, Vehicle Lighting Control, Parking Navigation Method, and more.

In this huge patent collection for smart car technology, the company released one more patent On 16 April 2021, with the patent publication number CN112673423A, which entitled “a method and device for in-vehicle voice interaction”

The patent abstract describes that the in-car voice interaction method and device are aims to protect privacy from being leaked. The methods include the following aspects:

  1.  Receive user voice command
  2.  Recognizes user instructions according to use voice command
  3.  According to the user’s command, decides whether the content of the response to the user’s instruction involves privacy or not
  4.  After analyzing the command that the content involves privacy, it decides whether to output the response content in concern of the privacy protection mode

Privacy has been always the first priority of the consumer, and Huawei knows is very well, how to satisfy their deeds.

Apart from this, on 17th April, Huawei is conducting Huawei HarmonyOS Developer Day, which brings us all the latest insights of HarmonyOS. On the other hand, the first HBT model ARCFOX Polar Fox Alpha S will also unveil at Shanghai Auto Show. (Read More Here)

(Via- Ithome)

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