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Huawei purchased $18.7 billion worth of US made smartphone components last year



Huawei Mate 30 series

Huawei founder and CEO – Ren Zhengfei said the Chinese tech giant will continue to use US-made components in its smartphones despite having alternatives.

“We procured $18.7 billion worth of parts from the US last year, a big increase from $11 billion in the past. We are not thinking of replacing US components, the US will always be our good friend.” Ren said in an interview published in Chinese Magazine.

This statement came while Huawei is included in the US Entity List, which prohibits it’s from purchasing US companies without special licenses. Huawei has diversified its supply chains to find alternatives to the components it cannot purchase from the US.

In a previous interview, Ren mentioned Huawei will increase its effort to overcome the challenges posed by the current situations. And the company would increase its research and development budget for 2020 by 33% from last year to more than $20 billion.

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