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Huawei Projection keyboard could be called Glide Keyboard



Huawei projection keyboard

Aside from the smartphone products, Huawei is also making efforts in other products including tablets, laptops, wearables, and accessory collections. Recently, the company has launched its first-ever HarmonyOS product series presenting the industry’s largest screen tablet, massive smartphone camera, and more.

Now, the company’s next focus is its accessory collection, it recently added the Huawei M-Pencil of 2nd generation compatible for Huawei’s tablet series. Moving ahead in the line, the company is now working on its keyboards.

Huawei Glide Keyboard: 

On 10th September, Huawei applied for a trademark application 018555875 for “Glide Keyboard” at EUIPO European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). The application is categorized as Class 9 and including services such as Projection Keyboard, Smartphone Keyboard, Computer Keyboard, Tablet, and Keyboard Cover, etc.

Huawei Glide Keyboard trademark

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Looking at the name- Glide Keyboard, we can expect the product to be a freewheel or sliding one. Furthermore, it also mentioned Projection Keyboard as its service, which is the most eye-catching thing. It could be the frontier technology for future Huawei products and uplifts users’ expectations.

Projection Keyboard:

Projection Keyboards can be defined as virtual keyboards that take inputs by observing the finger movements on the projected images. It usually integrates laser modules, projection modules, sensor modules, illumination modules, and various diodes.

Furthermore, it either comes will wireless connectivity support or a wired connection to link with the respective device. It’s one of the coolest technology eliminates the need of carrying a full-sized keyboard. However, the application is still under examination, it’s unclear whether the company will actually develop it.

At present, Huawei holds a series of smart magnetic keyboards for its various tablet. It features inbuilt magnets to establish an easy connection with the tablet. Additionally, it can also use a tablet stand or protective cover.

(source – LetsGoDigital)

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