Huawei postponed the launch of Mate X, making more improvements

Huawei Mate X is scheduled to launch in June throughout the global market but the company has now changed its current plans on this device, that it’ll do more testing and postpone the current launch date.

Huawei Mate X received 3C certification with 55W charger, moving towards launch

A spokesperson of Huawei told CNBC on Friday said the launch of Huawei Mate X is postponed to September, citing the reason that the company was doing extra testing with the mobile carrier around the world and developers to make sure their apps work when the device is fully unfolded.

The spokesperson said the company was more “Cautious” after Samsung’s Galaxy fold device, begin to break due during a test by reviewers in April. As a result, Samsung and its partner carriers have to cancel pre-orders made by the consumers.

“We don’t want to launch a product to destroy our reputation,” said the spokesperson.

In May, the US Commerce Department added Huawei and its affiliates to the “Entity List” or simply called a trade blacklist – an action that bans Huawei from buying components and software from American firms including Google, which immediately suspended its business with Huawei.

To reply to the US concern, the spokesperson noted that even with the blacklisting of Huawei, the company is “confident” it can deliver this device to consumers. He added that the Mate X will run on Android OS because it was launched before Huawei was placed on the US trade blacklist.






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