Huawei Photo Of The Week Contest: You Share, We Share

When we talk about mobile photography, then we must mention a smartphone brand called Huawei. The Chinese tech giant makes phones that not only provide the best photo quality but also raise the bar of camera technology.

To be mentioned, Huawei has not achieved the camera capability within a single year because it’s the result of the years of Research and Development (R&D) in camera technologies, as well as its collaboration with camera technology maker, Leica.

These camera technologies have been used in Huawei P and Mate flagships and show Huawei’s pioneer in mobile cameras, as other smartphone companies still lag behind to compete against the Chinese tech giant.

Therefore, our readers continue to tag us on different platforms and share their amazingly taken photos with us. And after seeing their activeness, we’ve decided to start the Weekly, photo challenge, which will allow users to maximize their activities and encourage them to take better photographs from their Huawei device.

A Message to Our Contestent:

“Nobody should be discouraged by any means or anything, we love our readers and for us, every one of the people is a winner, so don’t feel that your photo sent to us is a waste or unrecognized. We admire you and always will be.” HC Team

How to send us your taken photos?

You can use this email

  1. You can send us your images in JPG or PNG formats
  2. We recommend you also share your Facebook or Twitter profile with the image with us if you want us to put your name in your image (if your image got selected).
  3. You can also send us high-quality images by uploading them first on any cloud service and then send the link to us of that image via the emails above.
  4. Make sure that you don’t send us archived or zip files because they may come under SPAM.
  5. You can also tag us online via our Twitter account and #HuaweiPOTW #HuaweiCentral
  6. You can also share your images in the comments section of this article.

What’ll happen?

Upon your sending, we’ll choose, which pictures to be shared in a single week on Twitter and Facebook via our Official Social media page and via our dedicated Article.

Don’t forget to check all images tagged with #HuaweiPOTW and #HuaweiCentral and encourage the entrants with your support by commenting, likes, and follows.

Thanks, guys, and happy Huawei Photography.




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