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[Update] Huawei Petal Search engine launched in China



Huawei Petal Search engine

January 13, 2022: Update

According to the reports, the engine is currently down due to some unknown reasons.

January 12, 2022: Original Story

Huawei has officially launched the Petal Search engine in the Chinese market on January 12, 2022. This web search engine ( is an alternative or can say a competitor to the most famous Google Search. However, it was already available in the overseas market since June 2020.

Petal Search is fully developed by Huawei and specially designed for Huawei devices and software systems such as HarmonyOS. At present, it is providing services in more than 170 countries and search services in over 20 sections including news, apps, shopping, travel, and more.

Now, the users in the Chinese market can also enjoy the Huawei web services with the Petal Search web engine. Meanwhile, some Huawei users have reported the Petal Search web engine is providing service properly but the Petal Seach app is not functioning properly in Huawei smartphones.

Huawei Petal Search engine

Talking about the popularity, Petal Search web engine is popular among global consumers since its launch. It owns all the services that a search engine has and also provides localized search services based on user search habits.

It accurately food, clothing, housing, and transportation of local users, and users can enjoy a one-stop service from search to shopping. Also, based on the application of big data, AI, NLP, and other technologies, Petal Search also provides visual search and voice search functions to achieve accurate identification of search content.

Based on meeting the diverse search needs of the users, Petal Search serves the extreme needs of the user’s search efficiency and also supports multiple languages. Users can use different languages ​​to get more accurate information and experiences suited to their features.

Huawei Petal Search engine

In addition to this, the users can customize the homepage navigation bar as per their preference. If they want to go directly to the interest page, they can search directly on the homepage, prioritize local-related recommendation information, and get the full category of on-site information services.

Furthermore, the Huawei account helps the user to use Petal Search with their preference from any device across all scenarios. While traveling, the previous information such as songs browsed on the user’s mobile phone will be used to make relevant recommendations based on browsing records, habits and history analysis for users.

Petal Search also focuses on local search, supports millions of hotel reservations worldwide, and meets the needs of users, as well as combines online search and offline services across all scenarios. It provides a better experience based on searches.

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